Ring group and busy extensions

Hello all,
just to be sure that this is the design behaviour and it doesn’t depend on my personalizations…

Scenario: ring group with some extensions on it and ringall strategy.

When a call comes to the Ring Group, if one of the extensions is busy (and CW is disabled), that extension won’t never ring even if it becomes available while the other extensions in the ring group are still ringing.
Of course the “Skyp Busy Agent” setting is unchecked.

This is not what I am expecting, since if an extension is busy but then it gets placed off-hook while a call is coming, that extension should be able to answer the call. But as it doesn’t ring, it can’t.

I can workaround this using queues. But that way I have to answer the call (even if I play ring tone to caller, but that needs answering) and this is not acceptable

Any suggestion?
Is that the expected behaviour? And if yes, why??

Many thanks

that’s pretty much it - phone states are observed at the time a decision is made to ring the phones. Even queues are going to do the same thing, the difference is queues can be programmed to ‘cycle’ meaning after some period it can trying ringing again and at that time it will check again.

thanks philippe
and… would it be possible to introduce a cycle also for ring groups?

a typical end-user wants this feature because this simple behaviour is present in any PBX and it’s hard for us to explain him that, when an agent hangs up, he needs to move on next phone to answer (or he is forced to have CW on).

or, is there a workaround I am missing to accomplish this?

thanks again

it’s not likely to change any time soon. As you mentioned, you can use a queue if you want related behavior.

I think you will also find that ‘a typical end user’ on most systems installed tend to take advantage of the capability of most SIP phones that can provide multiple line appearances, although maybe that is not the case for your installation of interest.

There are plenty of other kludges like chaining together multiple ringgroups but as soon as you start to do things like that you have problematic side effects since the ringing phones are canceled and then rung again - which inevitably occurs right when someone is picking up the phone.