Ring Group after Upgrade to 6.12.65-32 Outside caller hears no ring

After upgrade to 6.12.65-32 when a ring group is pointed in the incoming route the outside caller hears no ring we set it to music and works. We did see that if you activate Signal Ringing in the incoming route it then rings.
Wondering if it is bug or that is the new setting required.

I think it’s a different default option. I know the option for ringing the inbound line has been around for a long time.

I getting the same thing. Except when I turn signal ringing on I still don’t hear any ringing.

Glad that i’m not the only one…

I have observed same issue with Fpbx 12 and ring groups No ringing sound is heard when a ring group is dialled by an internal extension. I have also observed a one way audio after one of the phones of the rings group pick up. However this second issue only arose with old Nokia phones (N95/E66 using sips/srtp).
I have forced the ring groups to downgrade to and both issues are gone. Something in the current code is broken.

I am having the same issue.

I took the leap and did the 12 to 13 conversion over the weekend on one of my systems. All appeared to run well through the upgrade and everything seemed to be working. I did a hard reboot because I needed to change UPS and when the system came up Asterisk did not start. I ran amportal restart and the scripts did their thing and Asterisk started. All seems to be well except for this one thing. MOH plays fine but the ring is preferred. I checked to make sure all updates had been run.

I am wondering if I should open a bug report?

I have ran into this issue as well, it appears if we set the inbound route directly to a ring group the PBX will not generate the ring, but if we send the call to a empty announcement then to the ring group it works as it should.

Confirmed I am on the most recent “Ring Groups” module and the FreePBX version is: 10.13.66-11

Also if it makes a different this box was an upgrade box from freepbx 11->12->13.