Ring Group access for external callers?

I was a bit embarrassed to find out today that the Ring Groups I set up are accessible to internal users only. None of the documentation I’ve found indicates that this is how it’s supposed to work, but then none of it indicates otherwise either.
Is there a way to allow external callers to dial ring groups directly? Or does this need to happen via IVR entries or extension unavailable redirects? (Or maybe I just broke something somehow?)

Just updated to 5.211.65-1 this week if that makes a difference

Just point an inbound route to the ring group.


Sorry, to be more precise, is there a way to allow ring group dialling at an IVR? (Rather than just extensions?)

Do it just like I explained in the other message, except use the RG number rather than the extension.


You need to add “include => from-internal” to the IVR,

perhaps in


which you need to create.

(be careful with that :slight_smile: or our Palestinian friends will be calling their buddies)

Probably just

include => ext-local


Change dial to local/{yourringgroupexten}

You can do that in a convoluted way also. I think my way is more logical as far as the underlying Asterisk works and the hooks that FreePBX provides. But at least you do it the pretty way :slight_smile:


Thanks - the method of using IVR entries to go to Ring Groups with the same number is straightforward.
I just thought there might be some option somewhere to do them all in one go. :wink: