Ring extension aprox 1 ring, then ring a ring-group

I have a need to have an incoming route ring one specific extension for 1 or 2 rings, THEN ring a ring group (for like 30-45sec). Do I send the incoming route to the extension and setup some time limit and then Follow-Me to the Ring Group?

How do I setup the time/ring limit on the extension and then make sure it goes to the ring group?

Thanks in advance.

Simple, you setup a Ring Group with just this extension in it and adjust the timing on it, then you send the call to the next Ring Group in line.

What’s the purpose of having the single-extension ring group first? Can the extension not be the target of the incoming route on its own and then use the ring group for all the other phones after?

The purpose is so you don’t have to change any extension settings and can limit the impact on your changes to the intended inbound calls. Any change you make on the extension will affect any other call to that extension from any other source.

And it’s super easy to setup and becomes super obvious what’s happening to an inbound call when you come back later to look at how things are setup and why.

Yes, I would just set up Follow Me to ring the other extensions after an Initial Ring Time of e.g., 10 seconds. Decide whether to include the extension in the follow me list (so it continues to ring while the other phones are being rung).

Of course, if you don’t want this behavior on internal calls, etc., assign two extensions to this phone (on separate line keys).

Can a Ring Group be entered in the “Follow Me List” for an extension? They don’t appear in the “Quick Select”.

Sure, just put a # after the number, same as if calling an outside number. However, what are you trying to do that’s different from listing the ring group members in the follow me list?

Nothing different, just trying to re-use an existing Ring Group instead of copying the same info to another config-location.