Ring delay BUT on only one extension


We have around 30 extensions all using Aastra 55i handsets. Running from FreePBX 2.210.62-5.

We have an inbound ANY rule that points to a group with all extensions listed and ring all set.

There is a single extension which used to be main reception extension that takes around 1 - 2 seconds longer to ring than all the others. Doesn’t sound a lot but that just happens to be the main extension that is supposed to answer most calls and the 1 - 2 seconds is around one audible ring.

Not sure if it matters but this extension is also the first one in the list of all extensions within the group.

Any pointers… I have searched everywhere and can not seem to find anything related.


Try moving something else to the top of the ring group list. What happens? Is the problem endpoint different than the others in any other way?