Ring Announcing Caller ID

I put in 2 Sangoma s305 phones and created extensions for them in our system, doing a factory reset of the device when putting them in place. Whenever they get a call, the full caller ID phone number is being read after the regular ring tone. I’ve searched and cannot find where this is controlled from… anyone know how to turn this off?

Try changing the ringtone?

Might be worth submitting a bug to Sangoma.

Support - Sangoma Technologies

Thanks for the idea, but I already tried that. Changing the ring tone changes the style of ring the phone makes, then it reads the CID after.

Making it worse is that these two phones are in a ring group that gets calls all day long. Because the phones receive the call at very slightly different times, there’s an echo for every digit of the CID being read. :rofl:

Are you sure it isn’t the ringtone as suggested? I believe that the default ring-tone that’s set for the Grandstream template on EndPoint Manager, announces the CID of incoming calls. I’m not sure if Sangoma is possibly the same? Do you use EndPoint Manager? It might be worth creating a test template and modifying it and assigning it to one of the phones to see if it makes any difference.

If you are using EndPoint Manager, it might be worth manually configuring one phone to rule out anything that might be in the Sangoma template.

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