Right menu disappears until resize?


Running FreePBX on Chrome and the right menu of all the pages does not appear until I resize the page a bit? Just a nudge will get the menu to appears? The menu for things like the actual routes, trunks, extensions, etc. The one which appears along the right of the screen.

Any ideas? Running latest Chrome. 37.0.2062.120

Can anyone else reproduce?



Version 37.0.2062.94 (64-bit) is the latest stable build in my repo… No issue… I will look again if I get an updste

Here are the two screen shots for me… You can see no menu, and then in second one I nudge it a bit and the menu simply appears… It’s strange…

I noticed it was doing that on by Android tablet running JB in Chrome the other night. Dismissed it as an OS issue as the system I was configuring had not been updated in a year.

Same thing here skyking. For me it happens on the Asterisk info page wothe right hand menu. Google Nexus Tablet, android 4.4, latest chrome. Can’t replicate on desktop though. Must be a Chrome bug.

I am running the latest chrome… 37.0.2062.122… Really annoying to have to keep re-sizing the page…

I still haven’t duplicated this but it looks like others have. Please file a bug report at http://issues.freepbx.org

Also it may be helpful to pastebin the output of your javascript console