Rhino drivers and 2.3.10


Cannot get any Rhino cards working ---- I was informed the drivers have to be recompiled to work with the new Kernel—Anybody know how to do that or are they available anywhere. Can a procedure be posted on how to do that


we hope to have rpms up soon…

Centos 5 has some qwirks so instructions could be a bit involved. so instead I have a set of scripts that takes it to 6 an internet connection is requires for yum and svn.

  1. go to /usr/src
  2. Download the scripts:
    wget ftp://ftp.rhinoequipment.com/Drivers/Contrib/fakezap.sh
    wget ftp://ftp.rhinoequipment.com/Drivers/Contrib/driversfs.sh
  3. Make the scripts executable:
    chmod +x *.sh
  4. Find your zaptel version and run fakezap
    modinfo zaptel #please note you only want the version not the build so 1.4.7-1234 is 1.4.7
    ./fakezap.sh -v 1.4.7 #replace 1.4.7 with the proper version
  5. Build the drivers. our latest version is 2.2.2
    ./driversfs.sh -v 2.2.2
  6. I recommend downloading our modprobe file
    wget -O /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.rhino ftp://ftp.rhinoequipment.com/Drivers/Contrib/modprobe.rhino

passed the rpms to the tb folks like 10 minutes ago so should be availible on yum soon

The Script worked great

Thank You
Merry Xmas