Rhino Cards with the latest DAHDI

There is some incorrect information floating around about incompatibility and some users are compiling older versions of DAHDI from source which breaks things.

Please see the following instriuction set for installing Rhino Drivers on the FreePBX Distro.


These “work here” but if you find something that doesn’t work please email us [email protected] and we will work on getting the directions fixed.


James A.K.A “That James”
QTurbo llc


Telling users of the Distro to compile dahdi from source is not a good option. I suggest you make sure you cards work with stock Dahdi. The issue with having users compile dahdi from source is the next time they run a upgrade script for the Distro we will blow off the source install of dahdi and put our RPMs back in place.

As a developer of the Distro I advise nobody to do this.

Your other option is to contact us if you need patches applied for your cards and we can do them at the Distro level since we compile our own DAHDI RPMs for the Distro.

Looking over your instructions I was wrong you are not compiling dahdi on the box but building against the devels of the kernel and dahdi. The issue with this is anytime the upgrade scripts update dahdi it will most likely break your cards.

Just want to make sure users understand what they are getting into.