Revert EPM to "free" version that supports Digium/Sangoma phones only?

I have two hosted FreePBX systems (hosted at Cyberlynk) that apparently came with the “paid” version of EPM. Never really thought much of it until upgrading from v14 to v15 last month. Now EPM won’t update and Phone apps is disabled until I pay a “ransom”? The ransom demand only started popping up after upgrading to v15. Both locations are all Digium and Sangoma phones.

How do I demote EPM to the Digium/Sangoma only version without losing the endpoint mappings?

There is no ransom. You need to just reach out to Sangoma Customer support and ask them to revert EPM on those installations to the free version from the paid.

I put in a support ticket last week. I have not received a reply. There is no update on the ticket either. Any other ideas? BTW, the “ransom” comment was tongue-in-cheek. From version 15 on, phoneapps is disabled even for Digium/Sangoma phones without paying for “support” for the paid (even though it was free with Cyberlynk) version of EPM. Installations still on v14 are not effected - only v15 and v16.

I currently use Sangoma D80 & P370 & P330 phones with a freePBX 15/16 system. EPM is free. Your problem is just the old (paid) license.

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Is that the only paid module you have/had? If so, you could probably just de-activate the system, then reactivate it under a new deployment id.

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As long as the instance is hosted on Cybrlynk’s the “paid” version of EPM will always register on any new activation. According to Cyberlynk support, Sangoma registers and activates the “paid” version of EPM whenever an instance is activated from an IP associated with Reactivating under a different deployment does not appear to change that.

I put a ticket in on the 10th. No response since a canned response the same day that the ticket was received, and its now the 17th.

Thank you for contacting Sangoma Technical Support. Case # 01503138: ““Downgrade” EPM to the Digium/Sangoma only version” has been submitted to our support team. You will receive a response as soon as a Sangoma Support Technician becomes available.

Be certain to preserve the reference ID which has been appended to the subject when providing a response to your case. This will allow your replies to automatically associate with your existing case. The reference ID begins with “ref:” and ends with “:ref”. If the reference ID is not preserved, your reply will result in the creation of a new case, delaying the time it will take for us to provide a resolution.

Thank you,
Sangoma Technical Support Team

The issue was resolved by upgrading from FreePBX15 to 16, then uninstalling phone apps and EPM and reinstalling. After reinstalling EPM is now the Sangoma/Digium “free version.” I did have to rebuild the phone mapping in EPM, but I had a CVS file from previous configuration to use and this is a small medical practice with just 9 Digium phones currently. The phones still register but now they no longer auto provision, even after rebooting the phones. Am I missing something in the EPM/DPMA configuration? The phones themselves have very few settings. I’ll start a new question for this issue. BTW, automagically now all of the Cyberlynk hosted freePBX’s have the “free” version of EPM, even the systems still on V14. :slight_smile:

In global settings of EPM…did you enable “use DPMA”? Digium phones, like the D65 use DPMA.

Yes, DPMA is enabled in global settings.

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