Reverse Caller ID

I know Asterisk 1.8 supports sending caller ID to a phone when a call is transferred. If someone calls into my receptionist phone from my SIP trunk the caller ID of the person that called is displayed on the receptionist phone. If she transfers the call to another extension the caller ID from the external caller is not sent to the extension she transferred the call to. Is this feature supported in FreePBX

It all depends on what phones you use. The aastra phones support the connected line state info and I know other phones also support this.

In the extension page in FreePBX you need to set trustrpid to yes and than play with the sendrpid options. For Aastra I set them to P-Asserted option.

Thanks Tony. Using Polycom 650, 550, 450.

Thanks again Tony!!! Changed sendrpid to “Send Remote-Party-ID header” and it started working.