Returning to IVR after Recording

We had a request to create an IVR that has 4 different options in its config. These options go to a specific recording that gives callers info about hours of operation, events, etc. So I have it all set, however, after the message plays, I need the caller to be taken back to the main IVR. I checked the “Return to IVR” option, however, after the message plays, the call terminates.
Am I missing something?

Do I need to use announcements for this and check the option to return to IVR?

I don’t know why what you have tried isn’t working, but if you use Announcements, just set Destination after playback for each Announcement to go to the IVR.

The “Return to IVR” selection that you mention, in the IVR setup, in the IVR Entries section, is specific to each IVR Entry. Some IVR Entry types do not have/allow a Return=Yes/No option. The “Play Recording” IVR Entry does not have a Return option.

You will need to create an Announcement and direct the desired action at the end of the Announcement. Then place that Announcement in your IVR Entries.

Ok I see… What I did was use the announcements module and assign my recordings in there. However, the announcement option does have a “Return to IVR” option so I just enabled that and it seems to be working so far. Thanks for the clarification!

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