Return on PBX Skills

Now that I have pretty much gotten comfortable with a PBX solution, both local and managing my own cloud server on rackspace, I’m entering the phase of “Wait, it seems like I can make money off of this.”

Has anyone else out there started a small reselling service to local small businesses? If so, I was wondering if you would have any comments on the following plan:

  • Use Flowroute, awesome rates, okay interface, to get a DID for each client. ~$1.99/month + usage
  • Use Rackspace as PBX host. Have a cloud server for each client ~$11/month. This will also have the config files for the phones. Use endpoint manager - still have to figure out this over a remote extension - to update phones. Might be able to force an update daily using the resync option and bypass endpoint manager.
  • Include price of phones in setup fee.
  • Charge by usage, or flat-rate depending on client, and a minor manage fee (keeping PBX servers running, updating settings, etc).

The only problem I have with this is the IP of the rackspace server would change if I needed to delete/recreate server instance. This can be fixed by either:

  1. get an IP from another provider (i.e. godaddy) and forward to the current server IP. This would be a bit more stable (point phones to godaddy ip), but would likely introduce latency issues, and possibly other problems.
  2. use a “dummy” (cloud) server that will host the config files. When the phones resync, they will get the updated IP of a new PBX server if needed. Then close out old pbx server once all resynced. ~$10/month, but would work for many clients.

I’d appreciate any comments/warnings if you have any.

I’m completly desperate. My technician became a ghost and I’m not that master in programming TRUNK, EXTENSIONS, IP numbers in the PBX system and I really want to make my starting VOIP business running.
Is there any help please?

Can’t tell if spam or attacking… If the second, what’s with the anger? I’m posting on here because I am trying to learn.

I have no idea what to hijack post is about either.

As far as your post, One server and a VoIP account that is not even a true wholesale carrier hardly makes for a service provider.

As the CTO of a regional VoIP company that has invested in the network, people and training to realize a true managed VoIP service with Asterisk at the core I hate competing against non-entity’s such as yourself. You will promise the customer the starts and the moon and not have the resources to back it up.

Have you even thought about e911 compliance, directory listings, CNAM, billing and provisioning platforms, security, customer service, technicians and lastly insurance?

Your price points are also insanely cheap, you have to make money and earn a living to sustain your business.

FreePBX is also not designed for multi-tenancy.

Is it here a forum to share ideas and get help from each other or not? I’m new and feel like hurt by some words…

Yes sure its a forum to share ideas and get help. But you don’t do that by jumping onto someone else’s thread asking for help for a completely different topic. Start your own thread instead.

Thanks for the thoughts. I had a feeling I was/am at the dangerous stage where I know just enough to do damage.

Guess I’ll shelve that idea and get back to actually working instead of getting in your (or other companies like yours) way.

It’s not a matter of getting in our way, and certainly I am only one voice.

The profit margins are so slim and the expenses so high it just doesn’t make sense to build the network. The largest barrier is the business systems. None of the off the shelf software is designed for service providers so you end up spending 1000’s of hours customizing open source code. It’s not a bad route, and it beats spending hundreds of thousands with the closed platform vendors, no free lunch.

If your customers need these services why not consider partnering with a local, reliable company? You can still make money and keep a good relationship with your customer.

If you are in the OH/PA/MI area I invite you to contact me. If not let me know where you are and I can make recommendations for companies for your to investigate.