Retrieving parked calls does not work

Hi folks! :slight_smile:

So I set up my Grandstream GXP2135 so that I can park a call by dialing ##70#. And I managed to set up a BLF-light. When I transfer a call to Parking, the BLF-light goes red. So far, so good. But when I try to retrieve the parked call by pressing the red BLF-light-button or when I dial 71 manually nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help guys

PS: I just figured something else out. I cannot make any internal calls on the Grandstream phone at all… maybe this is connected. Retrieving parked calls works with a softphone on my mac.

PPS: Never mind. I figured it all out! I changed the extension from chan_pjsip to chan_sip and now it works like a charm. :slight_smile:

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