Retrieve parked calls on Avaya 9608

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I’m using freepbx with Avaya 9608 phones and am in the last stages of deploying these to their work environment. However, I’m having a problem with parked calls. I can send calls to the parking lot just fine by transferring the call to extension 700 (except it doesn’t announce what spot they went to). However, I cannot get the call back with my current setup. I’d like to know how to set up the phones similar to the Sangoma ones that if one user parks a call, a softkey (usually labeled Park 1 or similar) will illuminate on the other phones and then someone else can press that button and retrieve the call. As it is now, I can dial the parking lot number, and connect the call, but that’s a little cumbersome and you have to know what spot the call is in (remember I mentioned it doesn’t announce what spot they went to). I’ve looked all through the 46xxsettings.txt file and can’t find a setting that is applicable. What am I missing?

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If you use the incall feature code to transfer ##700, I assume you will hear the slot announcemnet. If so, then instead of using transfer you can often config a button to DTMF ##700.

I assume you’ve set up BLF buttons for 701, 702, etc, do they not illuminate when a call is parked in the slot?

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Yes, that was my plan…to configure a soft key to do the transfer, however, my larger issue was retrieving the parked calls. And no, I haven’t set up BLF buttons. That’s the part I’m stumped on. If you know the process to make that happen, I’m all ears. :slight_smile:

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I’m not familiar with that device, but the feature you’re looking for is called a BLF or busy lamp field. You want to program one for each parking slot.

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You also do not want to transfer to 700.

Once you have the BLF, you will know which park slots are alreayd used or not. You transfer directly to an empty slot. No need to guess where parked calls go by transferring to 700.

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While I won’t argue with you on this, I wouldn’t state it that emphatically. The choice of phone and programming options on the buttons can make the process of sending a call to a specific parking spot challenging, and some organizations may already be imbued with a culture where something like a single parking lot with variable slots would be the norm.

Now, once you have BLFs set up for the various parking slots, then I expect people will start going straight to the slots as @sorvani suggests, but getting the pieces of this specific puzzle going, especially with these Avaya phones, might be “interesting”.

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You’ve hit the nail on the head! I think once I can get the BLF’s lines to show, the rest I could probably figure out.

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