retrieve_conf encountered an error: 255 on fresh install 32 bit stable

Have installed fresh 6.12.65-27 32 bit

When clicking on Apply config I am getting the folowwing:

exit: 255
PHP Fatal error: Class ‘FreePBX\modules\Extensionroutes\licenseCheck’ not found in /var/www/html/admin/modules/vqplus/Vqplus.class.php on line 0

I have not found this error on forum.

I moved 12 posts to an existing topic: FreePBX Administration GUI Blank Page

I linked to the bug ticket on the second post, and asked for testing in that… Sadly, no-one replied, so it wasn’t until we were doing INTERNAL testing here that we discovered it was still broken.

Please remember that the bug tracker is for tracking bugs, and has a much higher priority of attention than these community support forums. Whilst I appreciate that these forums are great, if you actually want to get our attention about a bug, you really need to have a bug ticket. We get email alerts, they get posted to our IRC channel, and all sorts of other things that makes sure we don’t miss them.

So, look - I’m 100% sorry that this has happened. It’s been a couple of hectic days here, and we’re trying to plan what’s going to be happening with FreePBX 14. We’re NOT spending time watching the forums, and that is how this is getting missed.

After executing “amportal a ma update extensionroutes” all is working.
Thanks for your quick response.