retrieve_conf custom not working as expected

One little gem in retrieve_conf is the ability to run your own code after it is finished doing it’s thing.

If you set AMPLOCALBIN to the full path in amportal.conf the retrieve_conf will find a file retrieve_conf_post_custom and include it inline in retrieve_conf.

My syntax must be wrong because it doesn’t work.

I have:

In my exec("/var/www/html/panel/fixoppanel",$OUTLINE,$RETVAR); file

The code never executes:

If I add:

include($post_custom); exec("/var/www/html/panel/fixoppanel",$OUTLINE,$RETVAR);

The exec below the include it works fine to I know that the basic syntax is correct.

Is something else needed in the include file? Has anyone ever tested this functionality?

For a bonus if someone can point me in the right direction to output the $OUTLINE variable in the status box on the web interface when ./retrienve_conf is running I would be most appreciative.

Contextual detail if needed:


looks like it is working to me.

if you are using exec() for it, make sure it is an executable script you can run from the command line.

If it is not executable, just include it to run with what ever local setup of it’s environment it may need. The included script has full access to everything that retrieve_conf currently has access to (open db connections, astman connections, etc.)

As far as outputting anything, that’s really a bit tricky, retrieve_conf is itself exec-ed, so the only time it spits anything out is if there were errors encountered in which case you get the error messages in the orange box because failure was detected with the option to retry running it or canceling, and then it won’t reload your conf.