Resuse Recorded File in Multiple System Recordings

I’m consolidating multiple PBXs with IVRs into a single PBX with mulitple IVRs. Each IVR is site specific and follows the same IVR structure but some of the information changes for each site. I’d like to record (and therefore manage and update) as few files as possible and be able to use the common portions of my script across all of the IVRs. My script goes something like-

Welcome to Company ABC in Anytown, USA… (Separate file recorded for each location)
Our business hours are… (Separate file recorded for each location)
If you need assistance with XYZ… (Common file recorded to be played as part of each location IVR)
To schedule an appointment with John Doe… (Separate file recorded for each location)

Recording each of the separate files over an extension in the individual system recordings is no problem. Recording what would be the common file is no problem also but is it possible to reuse that file in another recording without having to re-record the file under another recording or without having to record it elsewhere and upload it to FreePBX? If the information included in the common recording changes, I’d hate to have to record the information multiple times and really don’t what to record the file on another source and then upload it.

An option to select other custom recording for playback/inclusion seems like it should be an included option in the Edit Recording-> File List section.

I haven’t looked in a while, but I know there used to be a way to upload a file to the server and save it as a custom recording. You could, then, record as many or as few recorded segments as you want and “glue” them together in a stream the way you do the “standard” IVR pieces now.

Failing that, the filename are all in the “…/custom/” hierarchy, so it should be simple enough to grab and use the pieces you are recording through the phone in an IVR system recording.

Yes, all of that is easy and I can find the files in the /Custom directory using the console. However, I can’t find a way to take those files and place them in the recording through the web GUI. I can add the file to extensions.additional.conf but that doesn’t make the file appear in the web GUI of the recording. So anyone reviewing the IVR and recordings configuration would have no idea the file was included unless they review extensions.additional.conf through the console. It’s a workaround but not very friendly.

Belay my last. I now understand your last statement and was able to find the correct file by typing custom/filename and not /custom/filename in the Add System Recording field. The leading / is not necessary as the starting location for the field is already /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/

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