Restricting outbound calls by prefix

So I have a client that wants certain extensions to only be able to dial out when a certain number is prefixed. ie. dialing 123-456-7890 wont work but 81234567890 will. Pretty standard. This is for caller id reasons.

Currently I have the prefixes set up on the outbound routes such that if the caller dials the number with the prefix, it goes out with the right caller id. For example:

prefix 9 - Caller ID ABC
prefix 8 - Caller ID DEF
prefix 7 - Caller ID GHI

The problem I’m having is that if someone forgets to add the prefix, caller ID ABC is sent by default. There isn’t any CID info set on the trunk (set to Allow Any CID).

I’m not sure how to restrict the calls outbound by prefix. Previously I had the correct CID hardcoded on each extension but that wasn’t/isn’t a scalable solution since the extension count has grown quite a bit.

Hopefully I explained the situation well enough.

Is there something I can configure, or some module that I overlooked that would achieve that?

What you have right now should prevent calls without the prefix to call out, just make sure there isn’t any following pattern or outbound route that would let a user dial out with only 10 digits.

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