Restrict users to access my Freepbx admin Page

Hi all,

I want to restrict all the users to access my Freepbx admin page i.e http://ipaddress/admin/config.php

or anyother page until I allow them to view only certain urls like http://ipaddress/ucp/
or anyother url which I will allow them.

how can I stop users on my network to view this

My understanding is that users can’t login to the admin page unless they have been given permissions to do so. So, I’m thinking it would be as simple as removing admin access from the user? Am I missing something?

Or is the question how to keep people from even being able to load the landing page while still having access to UCP?

I don’t understand the question, but if your asking how to provide UCP access without also providing admin access, you can do this with port management in System Admin:

yes. actually I don’t my users to view pbx admin page even if they don’t know the password.

but I don’t want them to view my pbx admin page.

and they can access ucp, fop2 or anyother url which we allow them to view.

By default your index.php will call (and replace itself) with


if it exists and has the right permissions.

your imagination can now run free

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