Restrict simultaneous calls


is it possible to restrict concurrent calls (external) to only 2 calls and forward other incoming calls directly to an announcement or voicemail.
No matter if incoming or outgoing calls are made, but internal calls should not be affected here.
What is the best way to configure something like this?

Thank you and best regards.

Not sure there is a best way, but this is one way: Limiting INBOUND concurrent channel count using Dynamic Routes

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Ah… there we go. I have been looking for something like this.
I will play around with it.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Kind regards

I just configured it that way and it works great.

Is there a way to also write the outbound calls to the group.
In the manual it is only described for the inbound calls and I can’t assign dynamic routes to the outbound routes as far as I can see.

Thanks again for the help.

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You would need a dialplan hook and create dialplan that adds outbound call channels to the group you’re monitoring: Hooking for fun and income

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Works perfectly! Thanks again for the quick help.

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