Restrict Extension to Extenstion

Using FreePBX

I need to disable extension internal to another extension. I’ve seen old posts about custom contexts that I wont work with my version or I haven’t been able to find the module. I tried buying class of service and while that could help with other areas it doesn’t block extension to extension calling.

How am i supposed to do this now?

Anyone have an idea?

Pretty much the only way.

Why won’t it work with your version?

Well I guess the mail reason it’s not included as a module anymore and have know clue how to install a unsupported module or where to find it.

It’s not difficult, just enable the ‘unsupported’ repo in Module Admin:

You wouldn’t install a module - you can do it with a few lines of context code. There’s no module to install. There have been several runs at this in the past few months, and they are all pretty simple and reasonably well documented.

It does mean you might end up typing some context code into the file extensions_custom.conf. but there’s no reason to install anything to get this working.

Look back for some of the examples and ask questions about them - we’ll help if you can be reasonably specific about what is and isn’t working.