Restoring Settings Between v11 and v12, Modules Show Wrong Version

We have successfully restored a simple MySQL backup using the FreePBX GUI from a production system [running FreePBX 11] to a new deployment running FreePBX 12 on the latest build and patches.

During the restore we are prompted to run amportal a ma updateall to re-sign the modules, which runs without error. However upon reload we get the following error:

Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 255

exit: 255
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function core_devices_list() in /drbd/httpd/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/ on line 206
1 error(s) occurred, you should view the notification log on the dashboard or main screen to check for more details.

We then take a look at the module admin page and there are 9 disabled modules including Core. We try to update Core first to then take care of the others, however updating Core fails with this error:

Errors with selection:

Core cannot be upgraded:
FreePBX version 12.0.1rc16 or higher is required, you have
Please try again after the dependencies have been installed.
No actions to perform

Please select at least one action to perform by clicking on the module, and selecting an action on the “Action” tab.

Please note this issue is a subset of another forum post I created on HA issues, but is distinct since HA is actually functioning normally now. We were eventually able to enable Core via the CLI, so that is no longer a problem.

I can confirm we are using the latest:

[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version
[[email protected] ~]# rasterisk
Asterisk 13.0.0, Copyright (C) 1999 - 2014, Digium, Inc. and others.

And that the error is being caused because the framework is showing an old version:

[[email protected] ~]# amportal a ma list | grep framework
framework          Enabled

How do we go about getting the latter to agree with the former?

What exactly do you want to match. The freepbx version you want is 12.x which doesn’t align with anything you’ve posted