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I’ve been running FreePBX on a Pi - unfortunately it’s suddenly died. Probably an SD card problem. Fairly common, sadly. Now, I have recent backups, but they’re in another country. The most recent backup to hand I have is about six months out of date.

Now curiously I’ve popped the SD card into another Linux box I have and I can see the file/folder structure just fine…so I’m hoping to SCP them off…

I’m wondering how successful it would be to try to restore FreePBX and all my settings and voice files this way?? How would I go about it, please? Are there certain things which will or won’t work? Any files/folders not to even attempt restoring?

It feels like this is potentially something that isn’t a disaster…really hope I can sort this without a start from scratch…

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’d try copying the entire /etc/asterisk folder, but it might not work as the Asterisk DB will be missing.

Any way I can scoop up the asterisk db?? I’d dearly like to get as much as possible. Thanks

Not something I would attempt myself if other options are available, but you are going to need:

  • mysql database asterisk
  • mysql database asteriskcdrdb if you want cdrs
  • AstDB - prob the trickiest part
  • a few of the files from /etc/asterisk
  • the files from /var/spool/asterisk

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but restoring the above on a new install of identical versions should do it.

I backup to S3, so they are always in another country but still close at hand.


Managed to restore access to the Pi by redownloading the Pi’s boot files from Github. Amazed it work. Not my idea but it did the trick! Elated.

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