Restoring a v13 backup to v15 server PHP error

I am attempting to upgrade from a v13 FreePBX Distro to v15. I have a new host with v15 running am using Backup and Restore and the restore job will hang at 99.96% then I receive the errors below:

5 splitbrain\PHPArchive\ArchiveCorruptedException : Header does not match it’s checksum

4 splitbrain\PHPArchive\Tar parseHeader

3 splitbrain\PHPArchive\Tar extract

2 FreePBX\modules\Backup\Models\BackupSplFileInfo getMetadata

1 FreePBX\modules\Backup myShowPage

0 include/var/www/html/admin/config.php:658

I performed a full backup, without CDR. Backup file size is about 5.3gb. Any assistance is welcome and appreciated.

That’s a hefty backup. It seems like you are picking up recordings. You might want to start with just the configuration eg. extension, routing, etc. Get that working, and then maybe rsync the recordings separately from outside FreePBX.

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