[Restored] Cannot connect to online repository(s) (http://mirror1.freepbx.org,http://mirror2.freepbx.org)

In Admin, Module Admin, Module Updates, I get:

Warning: Cannot connect to online repository(s) (http://mirror1.freepbx.org,http://mirror2.freepbx.org). Online modules are not available.

Are we down for a bit or what?

Mirror1.freepbx.org, and mirror.freepbx.org respond in browser, mirror2 does not.

Having the same issues the last few days.

I can’t ping mirror2 (2/21 2pm EST). Also suddenly getting verification timeouts generating LE certs on 2 separate systems off an image that I use all the time and used as recently as Friday.

I’ve had no issues connecting to the repos.

I have tried http://mirror1.freepbx.org http://mirror2.freepbx.org and even https://mirror.freepbx.org and can’t connect although I can ping them.

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