Restore SNG7 to 10.13.66-22

We have developed a solution using internally developed CRM/ERP and FreePBX SNG7. The problem is I thought High Availability would be available for SNG7 by the time we were ready for production. Oddly, development was faster than anticipated and HA for SNG7 slower than anticipated. We can’t go into production without HA, so we will have to use 10.13.66-22 until HA is available for SNG7.

Does anyone know if this will work to go from FreePBX 14 to 13:


BTW: If Sangoma needs beta testers for SNG7 HA, let me know. :wink:

Yes that tool will work fine for Migration. Also we are real close to Beta release. We hammered on it last week alot with QA and the Dev team.

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