Restore from 13 to 15 still not working. Still hangs at 99.97% on upload

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Hello all,

I’m still having issues with restoring a v13 backup. Is there a work around yet?

I’m on back and restore versions and


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Is there a work around for what? :slight_smile: There might be a solution to your specific problem but there is no workaround for “having issues.”

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When trying to restore a V13 backup to a new install of V15 the system hangs when uploading the V13 backup file at 99.97%

Is there a solution for this?

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Please post the log output.

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if you’re just looking to upload the file, I recommend using WinSCP. After that, I always recommend using the CLI method to restore:

fwconsole backup --restore /file/location --restorelegacycdr

Ive done this on many PBXes 13 to 15 and it works fine everytime.

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Great, I’ll try that. Thanks

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