Restore error gunzip timeout

I am gonna crazy with the restore error. I made a backup on freepbx 13 and I restore it on new freepbx 15.
I restore the file by cli command “fwconsole backup --restore …”
I have the following error:
Extracting supplied database file mysql-4.sql.gz

In Process.php line 1335:

The process “‘gunzip’ ‘/tmp/backup/e35ba42e-ed2a-42cd-81c2-cb81095cdb84/mysql-4.sql.gz’” exceeded the timeout of 60 seconds.

The backup file is 2GB because the cdr (4 years) needs to be restored on new system !

how could I solve ?
Thanks in advance !

Are you trying from the command line or GUI? I would try from the command line if it fails in the GUI.

Yes, I try but the command fails as I written.

How could I fix ?

Does anybody have a suggestion ?

using mysqldump and restore the DB. I used the internal backup only to transfer configuration

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