Restore does not work

Hy all,
I did a fresh install freepbx 16 from latest distro with automated process after system was dead.
Restored my latest backup on the fresh install, and have no trunks, inbound, outbound and endpoints afterwards.
Is it possible that restore does not work for asterisk issues when asterisk version is not matching? In my case maybe asterisk 19 or 20 in the backup, asterisk 18 on the fresh install? Do I need to switch to the same version and run restore again?

The asterisk configs are generated at “apply config” or fwconsole reload the files are generated and NOT backed up/restored.

Thanks James. That’s bad news.
Do you know any possibility where I do not need to create all my extensions, in-out routes and trunks from the beginning?
In my case I do have 3 redundant servers, where one of 3 died.
Idea: copy /etc/asterisk/* from one living to the new installed 3rd one? Or taking the old m2-ssd-card to copy some folders from.
Also I missing all of my announcements, time-configs and maybe some things else, I did not recognized yet.

Do you still have a system that still has all the data? Do another full backup and restore to a new install.

yes, 2 live systems and 2 cold-spares. Unfortunately there’s a need to activate all trunks on one of these systems (need to find a fitting point in time over the weekend), since I recognized that only activated trunks will be exported by the bulk-handler (deactivated are not). And only PJSIP, which means IAX-trunks are missing anyway. All of my systems on different location have the same config for disaster plan like this to substitute each other in the case of need, and are activating “their” trunks only in case of loosing IAX connection to the next one.
Manual work is also needed for outbound routes including dial-pattern, dial restriction and so on.
Also own contexts (extensions_custom.conf) need to copied manually (not part of the backup).
Therefore even the latest backup of the crashed 3rd pbx is helpful 50% only…ongoing dreaming of a virtual cloud-pbx.

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