Restore deleted extension

dear community,

I accidentaly deleted an extension and now i need it again. Any suggestion how to retrieve deleted extensions in freePBX ?


Hi @ahmetgllava,
You can try to restore from Backup file.
check your PBX Local storage for Backup.


Hi Snazir,

Thanks for the tip. I am new to this platform. backup on pbx is a file where you can browse or you restore the whole system config, with overwriting your current config ?


Hi @ahmetgllava,
Check your PBX Backup Module. Maybe you had before backup. If you doesn’t have any backup you can not restore your Deleted or removed extensions.

Check from your PBX GUI
PBX GUI --> Admin --> Backup & Restore --> Select Restore tab --> Browse --> Local Storage --> Check your Default_backup

Thanks for the suggestions snazir. I manually created the extesion getting the info from the trunk sip incoming registered string…

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