Restore Backup to New / Latter FreePBX Version

I know there are multiple threads on the subject of backups, but the searches I have done all find older (2008) versions of the issue and I thought work was beening done on this.

Problem: I have a server with the FreePBX that is loosing a disk drive in the mirrored pair. The daily and weekly backups (CDR and VoiceMail verses a Full Backup) are fine on the NFS drives and go back a few months.

The new box I am building to temporarily replace the server while we rebuild the drive sets and in the process upgrade a number of things is pulling down the FreePBX install.

Can I create a “NOW” backup, replace it with the current one off the older box and restore it with out damaging the SQL schema ? Or do I need to get a version up and running , restore and then walk through the update tree ?

Old Box - Backup and Restore Module –
New Box - Backup and Restore Module –

TIA – Phonebuff

the cleanest way is to go to the same version.

If you backup everything though, you can probably restore to the new system as it replaces all (or most) of the php files as well (as long as you chose everything). From there you should see yourself back on 2.5 and you can upgrade to the newer version.