Restoration of 12.x backup on 15: Issues!

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Original Server:
New Server:

I did a full backup, including the voicemail directory and system recordings, and then restored it on the new server. It errored out with this message: "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 no such table: cidlookup on line 22 of file /var/www/html/admin/modules/cidlookup/Restore.php "

When I logged into the webGUI, I found that all voicemail was disabled. I grabbed the voicemail.conf file from the old server and compared it to what was on the new one. After backing up the voicemail.conf file on the new server, I added in the items that were missing and restarted. Voila! Voicemail enabled.

But once the 15 server was swapped in, none of the phones would actually receive calls even though they were registered (they could also make outbound calls). Everything would go straight to VM. None of the usual suspects were enabled.

After editing an extension and clicking submit/apply (even though no change were made), the extension would then ring instead of going to VM. I couldn’t find a way to mass edit all extensions so I spent a nice chunk of time manually touching ~180 of them. I tried editing each user in the asterisk DB and fwconsole restarting, then editing back to the original setting and fwconsole restarting again. Nope.

I looked at the Bulk Handler but the data shown from the export pointed to not all of the appropriate data being there since the small handful of extensions I manually submit/applied showed columns that were filled in which none of the other extensions had populated. I confirmed this vs the export I did after I touched every extension manually.

I went to the next stop on this train of 12.x to 15 fun and it did the same thing. It’s not in production yet but I’d like to NOT touch every extension every time I restore from 12 to 15. I think I have another 8 or so more to do after this next one.

On a potentially related note: I’ve noticed that the custom voicemail to email settings aren’t actually applied in the voicemail.conf file after a restoration, even though they show up in the webGUI. I’ve taken to going to the VM Admin->Settings->Email Config tab and hitting Submit/Apply (again, without changing anything). The changes that I see in the webGUI actually show up in VM.conf then.

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That is a big leap from 12 to 15.

Instead of restoring in the GUI you might try doing the restore from the command line (use the fwconsole backup command with the restore switch) where you can see the log output more clearly and find out where errors are occurring. You can also find more information in the /var/log/asterisk/backup.log file.

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I was restoring from the CLI using “fwconsole backup --restore /root/backup.tgz --restorelegacycdr” and the only error that popped up was the one I mentioned above:

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 no such table: cidlookup on line 22 of file /var/www/html/admin/modules/cidlookup/Restore.php [] []

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

It’s like the cidlookup module is only partially installed. Try installing it again with

 fwconsole ma install cidlookup

and look for errors. There should be 2 sql tables when the module is installed, which you can see

# fwconsole m

MariaDB [asterisk]> show tables like "cidlookup%";
| Tables_in_asterisk (cidlookup%) |
| cidlookup                       |
| cidlookup_incoming              |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

(Agmarr) #5

I looked and it was installed with no errors. I installed it again, no errors. I checked the non-production box that gave me the same error and it also was already installed:

[agmarr@voip ~]# fwconsole ma listonline | grep cid
| cidlookup | 15.0.20 | Enabled and up to date | GPLv3+ |
| setcid | 15.0.9 | Enabled and up to date | GPLv3+ |

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Figured this out with the help of a coworker this morning.

Steps I was doing during backup:
Name Backup
Drag System Audio, Voicemail, Full Backup over to be backed up
Dragging Local Storage over
Hitting Save

When I hit save, it removed 3 of the line items in the list o’ things to be backed up, including the Asterisk DB. I was able to replicate this a few times. I dragged Full Backup over again, counted the 11 rows, then hit save. Recount of the line items said 10. Dragged Full Backup over a third time and hit save. Counted 11 line items.

I’m running Chrome and coworkers could NOT replicate this with their versions of Chrome. I’m using Safari going forward for these backups OR making sure all 11 line items are there after saving (and before I run the backup).

On a positive note, I am not going insane.

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