Restapps not installed but critical security warning to update on dashboard

My FreePBX distro is fully updated, and I have long ago removed many modules that we don’t need. Phone Apps (restapps) is not installed. But on the FreePBX Dashboard, there is a critical warning that I need to update my restapps to 16.0.19 to fix security issues. I have manually deleted that warning from the database, but it eventually comes back. It doesn’t make sense that my restapps module has a security vulnerability that needs updating since I don’t even have that module installed. Can FreePBX fix this, or do I need to do something on my side?

Uninstalling a module does not delete the code from the system. To remove the module (and the warning) try:

fwconsole ma delete restapps
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Thanks. I ran that code but now get a dashboard error:


Enabling and updating the System Admin module fixed the Dashboard error. I’m not sure why the SysAdmin module got disabled, but all seems good now. Thanks for your help!

After any install / update / delete…etc
Do fwconsole r

However, launch fwconsole updateall again and fwconsole r at the end.
If it’s not enoug, show the curent list of your modules.
fwconsole ma list and check if everything you need is good. (Enabled).

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