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Recently our Asterisk Dial Options were changed changed to remove the T to prevent hook-flash transfers by the caller. After the change, Restapps call parking started failing saying invalid destination.

Is there a way to use Restapps call park and still prevent this type of incident from occurring where a caller can transfer themselves?

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(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Pretty sure the answer is no. The Phone Apps for parking and VM Transfer both rely on the in-call feature code for transfers to work.

(Tony Lewis - #3

Why would you remove the T option. That option only allows the caller to transfer. The little t option is the one you don’t want which allows the caller to transfer.


I didn’t remove it, the Sangoma support engineer did while looking over our PBXact. Said it was a security issue but he didn’t realize the switchboard uses Restapps call-park, a lot. I started getting calls about call park failing and I couldn’t figure out the problem until this morning.

(Andrew Nagy) #5

You can leave both T and t. The Option is removed dynamically from inbound callers so they can’t transfer themselves through systems.

(Tony Lewis - #6

Can you PM me the ticket number this was done on as it’s not a standard policy of ours to remove T so I want to dig into why this would be recommended or reason for it.

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