Restapi link in voice mail

RESTapi Settings = /index.php?m=restapi&f=display


When you click on the link “RESTapi Settings” it leads to a blank page. I have a couple of folks at our company that keep bothering me about this.

I have the pro system admin, and pro endpoint manager installed, but with and without the REST API and REST Phone applications Modules installed this message appears. I have looked in the portal and do not see these modules available for purchase with my deployment. I also don’t think these modules would have any use for our phones.

Making this link disappear would be ideal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


The links are so close together in the voicemail page that it appeared to me that RESTapi and Settings were one link. I took me awhile to figure out why sometimes the RESTapi Setting link would show a blank page and sometimes it would show user settings.

That’s what you get for not checking your voicemail too often… (and for not being the sharpest knife in the drawer :slight_smile:

So, I would like to remove the RESTapi link, and know where to look to space the links further apart on the top left side of the voicemail page. I’m not a developer, but can generally figure out what the change if I know where to look. Any direction will be appreciated.

Thank you

Are you talking about the REST API settings in the USER PANEL, or ARI?

REST API is required for your REST phone apps to work, and if you licensed the phone apps we include a license for RESTAPI as well.

I suppose you could submit a feature request at to provide a checkbox to remove that option from ARI… that would likely be preferable to hacking up the code.