RestAPI application supported telephones

While installing the Rest Applications on my FreePBX system, prompted to “buy”, I have found a list of telephones that support the RestAPI app. None of my current telephones are included. Before I purchase this module and a telephone that supports it, a question. There in the list is the Yealink T23P (10/100 ethernet speed version.) The Yealink T23G appears to be the same telephone as the T23P, the only difference is the gigabyte speed (ports.) Does anyone know if the Yealink T23G (gigabyte version) works with RestAPI? Just asking?

This page"

indicates the T23G supports all REST App features except screen center notifications. The 23P is not included on that page, what list are you looking at?

Well, my bad . . . I had typed out a list of all the telephones on that list (you linked to) to do some personal research regarding features and pricing and miss typed the T23G model number.

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