REST Voicemail

Does anyone know if this is possible:

We have an extension set up with voicemail active, its our main office voicemail/ No phone log’s into this extension.

Currently using the BLF and *98[EXT] setting we can see that there are voicemails waiting, and log into the voicemail, listen to them, delete, etc…

The REST App is far more elegant than the dial voicemail method used above.

What we would like to do is use the REST-Voicemail App instead. So from the phone with a button assigned to the REST-Voicemail app (pointing to the specific extension) the BLF light indicates there are voicemails or not and when the users pushes the button, they get to access the REST-Voicemail app and review voicemails for that extension…

Is this possible ?

Currently no but there is a feature request in at

Cool thanks for the link, set to watch it now :slight_smile: hopefully this isn’t too hard to make