Rest Apps Voicemail, multiple mailboxes

I have a client that I’m trying to convince to upgrade to a more current version of FreePBX. He has multiple mailboxes on his system that he needs to be able to access.

Is there any way to configure 3 occurrences of the REST Apps Voicemail button on his phone, and have each access one of the 3 mailboxes. We were easily able to configure this with the Aastra XML mail app that he is currently using. If it’s not currently possible, how much begging will he feature request require :slight_smile:


No at this time that is not supported.

I haven’t tested this but on my yealink phones they are just DSS keys set to type “XML Browser” and the value is like
(The important part being that the end is the extension number.)
Now EPM won’t do this for you, you would have to do it in base files or by hand but you should be able to do 3 buttons and manually change the extension at the end of the string and it will give you the voicemail for the extension listed.

No for security reasons that extension is matched to the MAC address also and if they dont match then its a device trying to spoof and we ignore it

Interesting because I have definitely browsed to those addresses on my laptop browser and inspected the xml info out of curiosity.

Have to agree Addison, it seems to be working fine here (this is exactly how we used to do it with the Aastra XML scripts… never thought to try it here). Only thing is I’m not getting a BLF indication when there’s mail in the mailbox… but in quick testing it doesn’t seem to be doing that at the moment with a single REST VM button either so I’m thinking that’s another glitch entirely :slight_smile: