Rest API example/documentation

Can some one point me in the direction of some examples or documentation on the REST API? I’m looking to read the built-in phonebook to create an XML with that data. I will then use this XML to feed the phonebook of my Yealink telephones. This setup allows me to use the phonebook interface that FreePBX provides without having to manually edit the XML file.

Good idea or can this be done with an existing plugin?

Below is my respond to the REST API Clarity post which should answer some of your questions. Note that the REST API module is open source, so if it’s not already doing something you want it to do, you can certainly extend the functionality and contribute it back to the project.

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Not sure the API is the way to go for me then, I’m only looking for a way to export the “Asterisk Phonebook”.

You only need a bash script to convert the asteriskdb to xml phones proper for the Yealink phones.

Currently making my own scripts:

I’m using Asterisk Phonebook, but am considering Contact Manager since that allows me to create user groups. Also its data is stores in MySQL which is easier for me.

@GameGamer43 can I report a bug in the Contact Manager? When editing the numbers of a contact, the field “numbertype” is reset to the original value. This results in the numbers all beeing “work” when not paying attention to what you are doing.

@vespino, Can you please report this on our issue tracker at

@GameGamer43 I’d like to but can’t seem to login. I can use the same credentials as this forum?

@vespino, Yes, you should be using the same credentials you use to login here in order to login to

Hi Vespino,

I’m looking for some script that can export the Asterisk Phonebook entries to a phonebook.xml we can use in our Yealink phones as a remote directory.
Would this be of any help (I’m a noob regarding programming - and probably a lot more).


Check this out: Phonebook store location