[resolved]SPA942 with multiple extensions

Hey Everybody

I am very new to the whole VoIP world and a friend of mine recommended me to Trixbox… after that recommendation he went and switched to FreePBX and then recommended it to me :S

Right now I am running TB Pro Standard and am having a problem. What I am hoping to achieve by posting in this forum is that if the issue IS IN FACT with TB, then I will move to FreePBX.

I have an SPA942 and I want to setup 4 different extensions on each one of the Line Keys.

The problem that I am having is that TB auto generates a UID and PWD for each phone (for security I presume) and I cannot get this working properly.

You can review my TB thread at

Thank you in advance for the help.

Not sure about the SPA 942, but I have successfully done this with a Polycom Soundpoint IP 550. You may want to switch, if you can’t do it on the SPA 942. This would probably be done in the configuration of the phone itself. That is how it is done in the Polycom. Each line key has a field for a username(extension) and password.


This post is resolved.
I changed from TB pro to FreePBX and my issue is fixed.

As you have found out Tribox Pro is a special proprietary version of trixbox, as such you are restricted by them. Switching to trixbox ce was a good start, PBX in a Flash or Elastix are probably even better choices if you want a distro setup.

Yes that is what I have moved to…
PBX in a Flash