RESOLVED - Downgrade Kernel to Support WanPipe or Custom Compile

I’d like some direction as to how to proceed:

I’ve just purchased a Sangoma A200 card with four FXO ports that I’d like to connect to existing pots lines. My problem is that I can’t get wanpipe installed as my kernel is presently kernel-2.6.18-308.1.1.el5 and the other installed is kernel-2.6.18-194.11.1.el5. I have DAHDI version 2.6.0, Asterisk version and finally FreePBX version

Should I try to compile a custom wanpipe or is there a way to install an older kernel that is compatible with wanpipe releases?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I was able to resolve this issue by using the wanpipe installation log and installing each dependency as they were noted, it actually took me three setup runs to catch all of them.

It also wasn’t necessary to downgrade the kernal, wanpipe is compatible with all 2.6.X kernels it seems.

If anyone else is stuck just message me and I will try to help.