Resetting Yealink T43

Hey guys,

I have this home, and i have try to resset it by pressing the ok button for 30 seconds. So the device has been resset. But I still cannot login with the admin/admin login, is there a way to fix this?

Do you have a provisioning server on the same network?

I had one customer buy a used Yealink off of amazon. Even after factory resetting it kept reprovisioning or failing to actually factory reset. Could never get it to work normally and had to have the customer return it.

I’d try and buy new Yealinks because it seems like the used ones are a mixed bag and some are unusable.

I would make sure it’s not on the network… power it some other way (a power adapter or a POE switch without a connection to the network)

Then hold down OK until it factory resets, and try again.

Sounds like it’s provisioning before you can log in.

Some providers do not delete the phone from the yealink provisioning server. You can contact yealink support and ask if they remove the phone from their rps Server.


Okay your answer solved It A Little Bit.but when I change the password and reboot it. Same story, is it possible to disable it?

No i do not have that

Can you login to the phone via a web browser and disable provisioning there?

I did that and still nothing. I think they blocked factory defaults or something in their provisioning of the phone. Either way it was unusable.

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