Reset Polycom VVX default admin and user passwords

Not sure what this is supposed to do if anything for Polycom phone passwords:

Read this Mass updating Polycom default passwords? & just not sure how to implement it.

What cfg file do I pick from the EPM basefile edit?

Read this also:

But still can’t seem to get this right. I’m sure I’m just editing the mac-features.cfg wrong but any advice would be appreciated.

Is this correct?

We were never able to get the Polycom phones to take the password we set hence why your admin password does not work for Polycom. It works for every other manufacture.

This is listed as a known issue in the wiki for EPM

Thanks that explains the 1st part and I don’t mind doing this through a cfg edit like JibberJabber did just hitting a wall with it.

No that is my point. We set it the same way you are trying here and it does not take. We gave up on it as Polycom has shown no desire to support FreePBX in the past.

OK I understand better now

I added this -

<device device.set="1">
<auth device.auth.localAdminPassword.set="1" device.auth.localAdminPassword="654"/>

between the device and dial plan sections of the MAC-features.cfg (manually editing it in the tftpboot directory) and it updated the admin password.

I did read something about not a good idea to not use device.set all the time…

Maybe firmware versions?