Reset FreePBX Admin Password


I had installed FreePBX on Raspberry some time ago, but had scarce time to configure it due to other priorities. I am now stuck at the Admin login because I have forgotten the password. On searching the forums, I found out these solutions:

  1. amportal admin auth_none How i reset freepbx GUI admin password . I access the server through SSH, prompt command asks me root user, I paste amportal admin auth_note, but prompt requests me the password (which I do not know).

  2. - here the issue is that on SSH with Putty, it will not display [[email protected] ~] at the command line, but prompt me to enter my userid (login as:). Therefore, the amportal unlock command will not work.

Maybe I am missing something here, any advice is welcome.

Did you try this

amportal a u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-

Also if you haven;t configured anything just reinstall.

Thank you astcode. Yes I used theamportal a u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- at command line. It does not work.

Is there any way to code an “user” and “password” reset button or link in the login page?

It does not work because you can’t login to SSH on the machine. If you can’t login through the web or ssh there is no other backdoor. You’ll have to rebuild it from scratch.

You can reset your root password by googling how to login as single user mode on linux

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Thank you Tony.