Reset Digium Phones Won't Connect After SSL Failure

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We saw no notification emails on the SSL Cert expiration, so we were caught off guard by this. I’ve rebuilt the server on FreePBX 15 and am running DPMA 3.6.3.

On the existing phones, selecting New Server after the time out works fine. But if the phone has been factory reset first, it consistently times out “contacting proxy”.

What are we missing on these reset phones?

Thanks for the help,

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Once it times out, can you not enter the DPMA address into the phone so it can provision?


It’s the same address as it was prior to the rebuild, so that’s the one it’s trying.


Following up:
I instructed the users there to use the documented steps for interrupting the phones at Step 2 to manually input the server IP and port - no difference at all, still timing out (this is on the same local net, plugged into the same switch).

Reminder, this is Defaulted phones only. Phones that had just “stopped working” but chose New Server reconfigured and work fine.

I’ve asked them to confirm the VLAN ID is correct, but that shouldn’t have been cleared by a regular reset originally. Any other thoughts?


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