Reset/Create New Admin Account in FreePBX GUI knowing Root Logon at Console

Is it possible to create an administrator account accessible in the GUI from the console when logged-on as root? I’m able to gain access to the console using root. Am I able to leverage this root access at the console to create an administrator account in the GUI? Our installed version of FreePBX is (Please don’t judge on the outdated version!) I’m grateful to Lorne Gaetz for assisting me on this same enquiry for FreePBX releases 13+. Seeking similar assistance with this legacy version of

The default login should allow the creation of ‘legacy’ accounts but don’t expect too much support for such an old version.
No judgement here , it’s just that few here still have 12 year old systems or long term memory extending that far back.

Thank-you! Yes, I fully appreciate that this legacy version dating back over a decade will likely garner limited responses due to its advanced age. It’s a legacy system with no supporting documentation which I inherited upon taking on this new role a few months ago. I appreciate any and all leads.

I suggest that you need to find a "‘FreePBX consultant’ who has been such a consultant for more than 10 years . There are not many of us left and none of us work for peanuts.

Does the unlock technique work with 2.7? On the fpbx login screen is the hidden token which you use at the bash prompt as

amportal a u xxxxxxxxxxx

As an FYI, a backup made from such and old version is probably not restorable to a new 16 install, but that should be a priority at this point.

Thanks for your response! We’ve engaged a potential FreePBX consultant to assist us with our overall overhaul strategy to update our PBXs. I was hoping to uncover a solution to this immediate problem in the interim.

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Thanks, Lorne. The earlier method which you’d cited worked flawlessly in versions 13 and above, but not with this version 2. Will continue searching under haystacks to see what can be found!

Good you took that step, there is no easy immediate solution though :slight_smile:

Look for the freepbx.conf file to get MySQL credentials.

Filename might not be freepbx.conf back then, but you get the idea.

Once you have credentials, log in to and look at the ampusers table.

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