is missing

hi, i just noticed that my module is completely missing. how can i reinstall it without breaking anything. let me know, thanks

That would depend on how you installed your system, by hand or from a distro, and what version of Asterisk you are using.

ok if i do make menuselect i see that it is a installable option. how can i install the dhadi timing module without touching anything else?

i installed it by hand on rhel 6. i am using asterisk v10.12.1

ok heres the odd part. menuselect doesnt pick up dahdi even after reinstalling it. asterisk cli doesnt recognize dahdi command either. thoughts?

As I said vefore, dahdi is NOT part of Asterisk you need to build it separately.

i did build it seperately v2.6 from digium. dahdi_test runs fine but i cant run the dahdi command in asterisk cli or use dahdi as the time source. asterisk menuconfig is the only place i see the which is the clocksource i want to use.

Are you using FreePBX?

yes i am. your supposed to install dahdi 1st, libpri, asterisk, and then freepbx.

i completely skipped dahdi because i didnt think i would need it. freepbx dahdi config says service isnt running when it really is.

and when i try to recompile asterisk. it doesnt recognize that dahdi is installed.

Maybe you should start with a working distribution until you get up to speed. To my knowledge the all include working dahdi/asterisk/FreePBX your method apparently not so much :slight_smile: