Res_srtp.c: SRTCP unprotect failed because of unable to perform desired validation

I have installed the latest Freepbx distro SNG7-PBX-64bit-1712-2 and am using it with Astersik 13.9.1 as updated from Sangoma repositories.

I am getting the following message in the Asterisk log when calling using SRTP from a Grandstream GXP1782 running latest firmware

res_srtp.c: SRTCP unprotect failed because of unable to perform desired validation

I checked Asterisk source code for 13.9.1 and res_srtp.c does not contain that error message. However checking the messages in installed by the distribution I found that message:

strings /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules/ | grep SRTCP
SRTCP unprotect failed because of %s

I’d like to investigate it further, but where can I find the source code of the res_srtp.c used in the Sangoma distribution of Asterisk 13.9.1 ?

thanks for any help.

Glad you captured the error message.

I thought you said the error message wasn’t in the source? It’s right there - the %s argument is a placeholder for the actual error, which is set in the routine that calls this error function.

the command strings runs against a binary and extracts the strings. I ran strings against the distributed by Sangoma and found that the source code from which it is compiled contains “SRTCP unprotect failed because of %s”. I don’t have that source code however.

Since the original Asterisk source code available from asterisk dot org does not contain “SRTCP unprotect failed because of %s”, what I am requesting is where I can get a copy of the source code from which Sangoma compiled

Hope it’s clearer now.

?? I see it in res/res_srtp.c:

if (rtcp) {
    ast_verb(2, "SRTCP unprotect failed because of %s\n", srtp_errstr(res));
} else {

Thanks, got it. I found that I had download 13.9.1 instead of 13.19.1

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