Reports page not displayed after upgrade to

After upgrading I am having trouble with the reports page! When I click on the tab for reports it loads the page with all the CDR missing but I can see the top horizontal menu.

However if I go into admin mode (Trixbox CE) in the same browser (seperate window) when I go back to the freepbx console CDR’s have magically appeared.

Can anyone help me pleeeeaaaaasssse??? It is very frustrating as I have just got the system the way I want it.

Possibly a related problem here. I haven’t tried to solve it yet, but new calls aren’t being recorded since my update. It could just be a matter of the search not returning what is being recorded.

I found that sometimes if I click more than once on the nav bar at the top of the screen the reports are displayed but otherwise I just get the header and the nav bar the rest of the screen is just white.

Does anybody have any similar problems??

If so has anyone found a fix for this??

Thankyou in advance.

First off upgrade to the latest 2.5.1.x code please as many bugs and issues have been addressed.

Next Three was a problem where the pages were not always updating the display correctly. To determine if this is it. Run the report but instead of doing anything resize the window or minimize it then restore it. Does it suddenly display ok? If this is the case please update as it was a found bug in the early versions of 2.5.0.x

I have upgraded to and the problem is still there.

As you said it does disply after resizing but not if I refresh the page. I also noticed that it is only happening in IE7 because it works fine in firefox.

Do you have any ideas?? Is there a fix for the browser issue??

Thanks again.

There is a bug already posted on this. I don’t have the number handy at this moment.

But so that you know IE and FreePBX (or this site) are not perfect working partners (yes it works but there are weird quirks every once in a while). Firefox is better.

Thank you for your assistance I will keep looking for updates on this issue.